Prioritizing our Schools



Public education is the foundation for our economy and our community, and we need to fully support our schools not just in words but in action.

I believe that Wisconsin has great schools, but I am not satisfied with just great.  I want Wisconsin kids and families and businesses to have the best schools in the world!

While working at Kimberly-Clark, my family had the opportunity to live in 3 other states. When our oldest daughter was getting close to school age, we knew we wanted to be in Wisconsin because of our great public schools.  

For the last 8 years our public schools have been under constant attack by the current administration and legislators.  

I am willing to stand up to big moneyed special interest groups and not be a rubber stamp.  It is time we work together to make our schools the best in the world.



Our future is in their hands.

Our future is in their hands.